Saturday, June 5, 2010


Being a native of Northern California, Levi's have always been a point of pride. They were invented and produced there for over 100 years. Although there were some changes (I never understood the Big E people.), they stayed basically the same the whole time.

Then, Levi's discovered contract manufacturing. Gradually, quality slipped to the point where they are just generic pants. I have continued buying them, because they are the only ones who sell odd numbered sizes.

Now Levi's aren't very good. Contract manufacturers size things so inconsistently, that odd numbered sizes show up via sloppiness, though they aren't labeled as such. It's time to look to other brands.

My current pair of 501s was badly made in Mexico. When I sit, it feels like they're twisting. The outseam is much higher than the inseam.

Does Levi's get it? Of course not. Their vintage products change hands for lots of money, but they have no idea why.

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