Saturday, July 10, 2010

Major League Baseball

Going to a game used to mean listening to cheesy organ music from time to time, along with the occasional, "Charge." Stadiums looked like stadiums. They weren't spectacular, but you could see the field fairly well. At some point, places like Camden Yards were built. Someone had decided that all baseball stadiums needed to be like Wrigley Field. There is nothing wrong with the "Friendly Confines," but the copies are just copies, and bad ones at that.

Now, all stadiums are wired for sound. They were never quiet, but now they're ridiculous. A game is now a programmed religious experience. Every player has his own theme song. Sound effects abound. The action on the field has its usual ebbs and flows, but the sounds are relentlessly, "Exciting." I would like to see a baseball stadium that isn't a theme park.

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