Saturday, May 21, 2011

Radio Única

Radio Única was a great network. It was a nationwide group of Spanish language radio stations in the United States. It was firmly rooted here, and it could not have been from anywhere else. While there were a wide variety of accents, listeners could hear a version of Spanish unique to this country taking shape.

For a while, it was our Radio Fórmula. There was a wide range of programming, which included news, sports and talk on a variety of topics.

Their stock became a darling, and that's when the problems began. It bubbled up, then started to settle. Investors wanted more, and the potential for that much more wasn't there. Suddenly, every program had something to do with sex. As they got more and more desperate, programming quality declined. Eventually, they pulled the plug.

Radio Única's original idea was a great one. I hope someone revives it.

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