Saturday, December 18, 2010

American Liability Laws

Americans don't swim or dive as well as they used to. This is due to our liability laws. Good luck finding a pool with a diving board, or even a deep end. Also, swimming is best learned when you're young.

When I was a kid, swimming was no problem. My family never had a pool, but friends did, and so did friends of friends.

This meant that I could go swimming, whether those who owned the pool were home or not. If a group of us was found in the pool, the owners would come out briefly and say, "Have a good time, kids," before going back inside.

My generation cannot pass the favor on to younger people. Today, a homeowner cannot be nice. Pools have to be secured. Anyone in them must be supervised at all times.

Such idiotic safety measures will only increase the number of drownings.

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