Saturday, April 2, 2011


We live in an age of great freedom. There is unprecedented freedom for the movement of capital and goods. On the other hand, labor is usually locked in, in a variety of ways.

Executives take advantage of the situation and ruin their brands. Modern captains of industry always run aground on the same rocks.

Marketing texts form part of an orthodoxy that says quality issues were resolved long ago. The thinking goes that since there are no such problems, only marketing can differentiate one brand from another. What really happened does not interfere with decision making. Quality problems are universal, because everything is a commodity. Clothes for example, used to be sold in sizes. Can ill-fitting shoes in Small, Medium and Large be far behind? Marketing only serves to entertain, because everyone knows that off-brands and big names are made at the same places.

Contract manufacturers can make everything but a pedigree.

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